Custom Event List Layouts and Columns

One of the most powerful Pro features is the ability to assign custom layouts for each Listing. By default, the system will display events in a single column list but you can override that and display in a responsive grid. Using the features is very easy: From the Event Listing Layout metabox, select the “Use … Read more

Frontend Search Result Filters

Pro users enjoy an expanded set of frontend event list filters, each adding a dropdown selector for the full range of event taxonomies (categories, seasons, venues, and tags). When selected, these dropdowns automatically appear on the frontend wherever the Event Listing Search shortcode is inserted. Select all. Category: adds the “category” dropdown on the frontend … Read more

Event Listings

From the “Event Listings” admin panel, either open an existing Event Listing or select “Add New.” For most users, event lists serve as the backbone of your frontend event overview displays. As such, we have packed our event listing tool with the most comprehensive set of standard features you can find among other WordPress event … Read more