Shortcode Overview

Unlike other event manager plugins, Venture doesn’t make you memorize a bunch of shortcodes to make things work. Instead, you’ll find the shortcodes you need to use right in each respective admin panel.

They’re big, easy to find, and easy to copy.


Calendar Shortcodes
You’ll find shortcodes just like this one in their own metabox right on every calendar admin panel.

Quick Reference

In order to make your event management tasks even easier, you’ll also find all of your shortcodes listed right on every event post type admin index panel.

All Listings shortcodes
You’ll find the shortcodes on the Listing, Calendar, and Module (Pro only) admin index panels.

Help Tab Attribute Cheat Sheets

For any shortcode that has attribute options, we make them available right from a super handy custom help tab on the respective admin panel.

help tab attribute reference
If a shortcode has settings options controlled by attributes, you’ll find their reference in the help tab.