Event Occurrence Importer

New Functionality

After installing and activating, you will find the following new admin panels and features:

  1. New Event Importer admin panel (Tools > Venture Event Importer)

Getting Started: Create Import CSV File

You can always download a copy of the sample CSV file from the admin panel, just select the “example” link and the file will auto-download.

Open the file to edit and replace the sample data with your own.


  1. Make sure the event has been created before uploading a csv file. You’ll be able to overwrite any placeholder event occurrence meta during the upload process.
  2. Be sure to use the same formatting for dates and times.
  3. Use the full URL for all ticket URL values.
  4. The Venture Event Importer admin panel provides a handy list of all existing venu_id values. the list is updated automatically as you add/remove venues.
  5. event_id are found on the Event Admin Panel:
  6. don’t forget to save the file as a csv file type.

Importing a CSV File

Go to “Tools > Venture Event Importer” admin panel:

  1. Select Append or Replace:
    1. Append will add occurrence meta from the csv file to whatever exists in the event already. Not: if you inadvertently include occurrence meta in the CSV for an occurrence already in the event, the system will create mutually exclusive occurrences, one for the existing occurrence and one for the newly uploaded version.
    2. Replace will replace all occurrences in the event with what’s in the csv file.
  2. Select your csv file.
  3. Upload.

That’s it, the system will display a success message when complete.


  1. You can upload occurrences for one or multiple events in the same CSV file.
  2. Keep copies of each upload on hand, this can come in handy if an event with multiple occurrences needs to change only a few instances down the road.
  3. There is no native recovery function so always backup your existing install before uploading files.