Logo and Sponsor Functionality

New Functionality

After installing and activating, you will find the following new admin panels and features:

  1. New Logo admin panel (Events > Logos)
  2. Edit Logo admin panel
  3. “Logo” drag and drop module on all single and listing layout settings panels
  4. New “Logo” metabox on single event admin panels.

Getting Started: Create Logos

  1. Name: required.
    1. For text only logos, this is what the system will display on the frontend.
  2. Slug: the system will create this automatically. We recommend you do not edit it unless you are an advanced WordPress user.
  3. Parent Logo: optional.
  4. Description: optional, for admin purposes only.
  5. Linked URL: optional. Be sure to include the full URL with https:// or http:// prefix.
  6. Logo Image: optional. Upload images the same way you would with other image media.
  7. Priority: optional. Priority should be a number, higher will be sorted to display first. If no number is assigned, it will be sorted in alphabetical order by title.
  8. Add new logo: select when ready and logo will appear in right column listing.
  9. Edit existing logos by selecting from the list.
  10. Pro tip: selecting the usage count number will take you to a filtered list of events that have the respective logo assigned.

Editing Logos

After selecting a logo to edit from “Events > Logos” admin panel, you can adjust all of the primary values.

Assigning Logos To Events

This is point and click straightforward.

  1. On the single event admin panel, select the the logos you want to assign from the “Logos” metabox.
  2. By default, they will appear in alphabetical order based on their name but you can override that using the logo’s “Priority” field.

Inserting Logos Into Single Event Pages and Listings

  1. Drag the “Logos” module into the “Include These” rows in the position you want them to appear.

The new “Logos” module will be available on the following layout settings panels: