Description Specifies the maximum number of occurrences that will show on the All Events admin panel in the dashboard. Default is 6. Usage add_filter(‘vem_max_dates_in_admin’, ‘myFilter’); function myFilter($max) { // … } Parameters $max (integer, required) – The maximum. number of occurrences to show. Default: 6.

Customizing Listing Buttons

The purchase ticket buttons are generated entirely by CSS, which means they are crazy easy to customize. Here’s all you have to do… Pro Tip: you can add different styles for first and second links if desired, these styles apply to both. Here are the default styles, modify as desired and include as Custom CSS. … Read more

Editing Typography (font size, color, and weights)

Editing typography is super easy by adding some CSS. VEM has been designed to provide a tremendous amount of control over nearly every typography item; moreover, it can be assigned to entire post types (like all listings) or only specific lists. Reminder: when applying your own custom styles, don’t forget that VEM uses media query … Read more

Creating Event List Grids

UPDATE: 9-19-2018: Displaying listings in a grid layout is now a standard feature for Pro users. Free users may upgrade to enjoy the dashboard grid settings or you may continue to use the following custom CSS method.  By default, Venture’s Event Listings display in a single column but creating a slick grid layout is super easy … Read more

Adding PHP

In some cases you may need to add a custom function to modify VEM functionality, either to hook something into the plugin, or use a filter to change something in the plugin. When working with PHP, you want to make sure you have access to your server via FTP or File Manager (through your hosting … Read more

Adding CSS

Sometimes, in order to get the frontend display to look exactly the way you want, you’ll need to use some custom CSS. Adding it to your site is straightforward. WordPress Customizer WordPress provides a way to add CSS to your site inside the Customizer. Navigate to Appearance > Customize then open the Additional CSS panel. CSS … Read more

Mastering Event Occurrences

One of Venture Event Manager’s bet features is how it handles events with multiple occurrences. There isn’t a WordPress event manager available that handles the task so elegantly and with so many options. Inside every event admin panel, you’ll find the “Event Dates” metabox, which is where all of the occurrence management magic happens. DETAILS … Read more

Plugin Activation Errors

One of the most common error messages at activation is a fatal error, like the following: This is typically the result of activating VEM on a server that isn’t running PHP 7 or newer. Don’t forget, the minimum required version is PHP 7 or better. Please consult with your hosting provider to verify which version … Read more

Custom Calendar Image

By default, calendars use the featured image for a thumbnail. This feature expands this option by offering a way to specify a custom alternative image. Before beginning, make sure you have the “Custom Calendar Image” feature activated on the Pro Features Module. From the Custom Calendar Image metabox, select the “Calendar Image” icon to select an … Read more